Helen Young: Writer/ Producer/ Director

Helen Young is an Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist who has forged a career as a filmmaker and writer by blending a passion for investigative reporting with a commitment to illuminating critical issues of the day. Over the course of a career spanning some 30 years, Helen has directed and produced documentary films on subjects ranging from the childhood obesity crisis in America, illegal gun trafficking, and the U.S. space program. She was a staff writer and producer for CBS News and NBC News for twenty years and has also produced for MSNBC and Al Roker Productions. Helen has won one National Emmy news award and three New York Emmys for her work, as well as awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, United Press International, the National Commission on Working Women, and the Red Cross. She is a contributor to Huff Post. “The Nuns, The Priests, and The Bombs” was produced by Helen Young Productions, Inc.

Roger Schulte: Associate Producer/Editor

Roger is a veteran documentary producer and editor. For over 20 years he has been dedicated to creating motion pictures promoting diversity and social justice. He edited From Hollywood to Hanoi, which The New York Times’ Vincent Canby called “an intense, personal, supremely self-confident feature length documentary.” Other notable work includes Portraits of Grief, for New York Times Television; the revolutionary ITVS series a Question of Equality; Motherland Afghanistan (ITVS funded/ Independent Lens broadcast); the award winning Gibtown (Independent Lens/, SXSW Film Festival).

Sylvia Waliga: Editor

Sylvia is an Emmy award-winning editor with years of experience creating reality, documentary, scripted television and feature films. She has worked with directors Errol Morris, Michael Moore, Raul Ruiz, and Kathy Bates, on projects for HBO, MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, and Discovery, Her work has also been shown at the New York and Toronto Film Festivals.

Tom Schachte: Editor

Tom Schachte’s film career started at the BBC as a cameraman with a special talent for shooting rock festivals. At the age of 26 he then plunged into the documentary world as a director, photographer, and editor for the Emmy nominated syndicated series “Kidsworld” on CBS. Known as a director’s editor, Tom has spent the last 20 years editing music videos, campaign commercials and movie trailers for everyone from David Bowie, to Steve Martin to Ronald Reagan.

Music : Brian McKenna

One of New York City’s most accomplished young Composers and Producers, Brian McKenna comes from many generations of musicians and began studying music at the age of five. Throughout his upbringing in Cambridge, MA he continued his studies and practices in performance at the Longy School of Music, CRLS and the Berklee College of Music. Upon graduating from Wesleyan University with a double B.A. in Music and Economics and special focus in World Music, Brian moved to NYC in 2004 and began writing jingles at world-renowned JSM Music, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a principal composer. In 2009, Brian moved on to found Btoven Music where he broadened his reach into scoring films and TV shows, producing records and expanding his craft into Audio-Post-Production. . Brian is a dedicated and driven team-leader and entrepreneur whose growing portfolio of work includes hit TV shows, Super Bowl spots, major motion pictures and work with Grammy Award winning artists.